1st Consolidated

Fire District


Caledonia Village 8-Man Pumper 1890

Caledonia Village Fire Station 1959

1st Consolidated Fire Station 1979


Caledonia Volunteer Fire Department started in 1872 as records have shown but very little is know about the early days.    

On Saturday September 5,   1970The   representatives of Claridon, Scott and Tully Townships and the Village   of Caledonia met at the home of Mr. Guerney Snyder for the purpose of   naming the newly formed fire district and to conduct other business as   necessary.

The representatives present and elected to the board by their  own political bodies were:       

            Mr. Kermit Burkhart, Tully Township  

            Mr. Guerney Snyder, Scott Township   

            Mr. Earl Seckel, Claridon Township     

            Mr. Donald Hempstead, Caledonia Village

As first order of business   Donald Hempstead was elected temporary chairman of the board.

After some discussion as to the name for the fire district it was unanimously   agreed that the district shall be know as "1st Consolidated Fire   District", this name originally suggested by Mr. Jesse Mowry, Chief of   the Caledonia Volunteer Fire Department.

The position of   Clerk-Treasurer for the district was discussed and the board of trustees   unanimously agreed to hire Mr. Richard Parsell for the position.

It was noted that although all political bodies had adopted a resolution to join the (fire)  district some (townships) had not yet submitted copies of the resolution to Mr. Reilly Hall, acting counsel for the fire district. These were to be in Mr. Hall's possession no later than Tuesday September 8, 1970.

The question of meeting place and dates for the future meeting was discussed and members agreed   that all future meetings would be held at the fire station in Caledonia.   Date of the meetings was set as the first Saturday of each month. This was not to include any additional meetings necessary to organize and set up the fire district.

The members agreed that a 1   mill levy would be necessary to properly finance the operation of the fire district and to purchase additional fire apparatus, the board  further agreed that the levy should be placed on the ballot for the  coming election with effective date of the levy to be January 1, 1970.

Following a lengthy  discussion of various items which could not be acted on at this time the  meeting was concluded.

Original minutes taken and   typed by Mr. Donald Hempstead.

Circa 1970

1st CFD and Marion Twp. Apparatus on display after a joint training day in Caledonia Village.

First Squad 103 (left)

1975 1st CFD began EMS Service

Circa 1970 

Utility truck, Tanker, Engine and Grass truck

1928 Prospect Pumper

Old Engine 1 is still owned by 1st CFD and is currently on display at the  Mansfield, Ohio Fire Museum

Serving Canaan, Claridon, Scott, and Tully  Township and the Village of Caledonia