Boats 11 & 12

Boat 11 is a 14' flat bottom John boat.

Boat 12 is a 12' Mercury inflatable boat.


The trailer carries a 25hp mercury motor, wet and dry suites, mustang ice suites, rope equipment and life jackets 



Tanker 124

Tanker 124 is 1999 S&S, 350gpm pump, 3,000gallon tank



Chief 101

Chief 101 is a 2007 Ford Expedition



Grass 137

Grass 137 is a 2014, Skeeter Hale high pressure pump, 400gallon tank


G-137 was purchased through a Federal AFG Grant



Medic 105

Medic 105 is a 2011 Horton Medic


Zoll 12lead M-series heart monitor, Stryker power cot and stair chair


1st Consolidated

Fire District


Engine Rescue 111

 111 is a 2010 E-One Cyclone II, 1500gpm pump, 500 gallon tank, 450hp Cummins


Engine Rescue 111 carries all ISO and NFPA firefighting equipment including ventilation fans, ventilation saws, Smart Power 15kw PTO generator, 6000watt Willburt light tower, TNT PTO quad pump powering 4 tools at once, heavy cutter and spreader in front bumper, TNT rams, TNT mini cutter,  9000lb super winch all 4 sides, Paratech air bags, rescue strut system and air hammer, 6000psi cascade system with side winder fill station, rope and water rescue equipment, hazmat supplies and seating for 6 firefighters.




Engine 117

Engine 117 is 1980 Pierce Ford, 1,000gpm pump,7500gallon tank


Engine 117 carries all NFPA and ISO equipment as a front line pumper located at Station #2.


Special Operations Command  - SOC 5104 

Special Operation Command Unit.

In a joint partnership with Marion County Sheriff Department, SOC-5104 is Marion County's Mobile 911 back up unit.



Engine 112

Engine 112 is 1995 Pierce Saber, 1,000gpm pump, 1,000gallon tank


Engine 112 carries all NFPA and ISO equipment as a front line pumper located at Station #3.


Medic 103 and Medic 104

(left) Medic 103 is a 1993 Horton. (right) Medic 104 is a 2004 Horton


Medic 103 was sold in 2012 to neighboring Green Camp Volunteer Fire Department for $10,000.


Medic 104 is our current reserve Medic